My Name is Charlie Rose.

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About Me.

I am sensual and vibrant – confident, curious, thoughtful, and eagerly affectionate, but with a striking naughty and passionate side.

My demeanour is infectious, and my energy is intense. Friends say that what sets me apart is the enthusiasm that I pour into everything that I do.

I believe life’s pleasures are in the details: a lacy lingerie set and silky stockings framing my athletic yet supple figure, our bodies entwined in crisp white sheets bathed in the afternoon sunlight, sparkling conversation, good company.

I see a good connection as the key to a satisfying experience. You will find me to be an intuitive and devoted companion who loves to please (and be pleased in return!) All I really want is to see a smile on your face.

Ultimate Indulgence.

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Charlie Rose Melbourne Based Escort

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