Booking A Date 101

Are you feeling stressed about our upcoming date? Or do you find yourself hesitating in making a booking at all because you’re not sure how it might go?

I’ve found that dealing with pre-date jitters is one of the biggest issues those considering booking a companion face. They are supposed to be looking forward to meeting their date, but instead, they spend all day worrying about what the date will be like. This kind of stress is enough to scare off even the most confident people from ever booking a companion.

If you’re feeling nervous, don’t worry. Your worries are so very normal, and if you’ve never booked a companion before, this world can seem intimidating and unknown. I want to help you to increase your confidence when booking a date with me, so I’ve covered my dating 101s below for you.

Booking Our Date

When most people think about booking a date, their minds jump straight to the date itself. They don’t stop long enough to consider what comes before the date itself. But before you dive on in and get in touch, take some time to think about what you are seeking from our time together… Are you thinking short and sweet? Would you prefer a longer lingering encounter where we can really melt into each other’s company? Do you fantasise about sharing an indulgent meal together, or would you feel more comfortable meeting in private at my inner-city apartment? Do you have a particular budget, or is the world our oyster? Having an idea of your ideal date day, time, location and length are important.

When you’re ready to book our date, you can contact me by sending a text message (0468 326 523) or email ( Your message doesn’t need to be fancy, but I do love a gentleman who uses manners! And don’t worry, as a professional, I ensure your private information is safe and secure.

Our Date

The most important thing is for you to relax! Remember, I am a consummate professional, and I am here to make sure you have a fulfilling and satisfying experience. 

You don’t need to do anything special to prepare. I’ll have everything on hand we need to have a great time – simply bring your wonderful self and ensure you don’t forget the booking fee. I’ll take care of the rest. If you’re visiting me at my inner-city apartment, you can be assured the location is up-market and discreet (just as I am!) I have taken great care to ensure my apartment is well-appointed and a welcoming and relaxing environment for my guests. Think fluffy towels, soft clean linens, a fully stocked bar, a killer view and the most important ingredients: me and you.

When you arrive, I can guarantee you’ll instantly feel relaxed. I have a knack for calming even the most heightened nerves – though I can’t promise I won’t make your heart race in other ways!

After Our Date

As I’ve mentioned, I am highly professional and conscientious. This means that after our date, I will not contact you (unless you initiate contact first). I understand the importance of discretion, and I can assure you that your secret is safe with me.

Ready to book our date?

Let’s talk.

Charlie Rose